5 Fantastic DC Characters We Want to See on the Silver Screen!

Warner Brothers has been very busy with plans for many future movies based on DC Comic’s roster of Super Hero characters. Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice is the first of these planned films and interest is sky high on the production of the film. While I look forward to this film and the other DC movies, like Suicide Squad, The Flash and Wonder Woman, there are some lesser known DC characters that would make fantastic movies and could create blockbuster film franchises for Warner Brothers.

Mister Miracle


The first character I would like to introduce to you is Mister Miracle, created by Jack Kirby in 1971, which tells the story of Scott Free, the son of Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis. As a young boy, Scott is sent to live on the hell like planet Apokolips, ruled by mad god Darkseid as part of a peace agreement between the two worlds.

Scott’s life on Apokolips is one of pain and suffering, but he never breaks and as a young man escapes to Earth. He is soon taken in by master escape artist Thaddeus Brown, known as Mister Miracle. Brown is old and past his prime, but still practices the art of escape with the help of his loyal assistant Oberon. Scott soon become a pupil in the art of escape and with his training, advanced technology and super human powers is soon a master escape artist. Brown is violently killed and Scott takes up the mantle of Mister Miracle, using his abilities to fight crime and the forces of Darkseid ,who want to bring him back to Apokolips. One of the most compelling parts of the Mister Miracle stories were the fantastic traps that Scott was placed in and the ingenious ways he escaped.

Imagine the motion picture version where Mister Miracle must escape fiendish super traps that would make the traps in the Saw movies look like tinker toys. See death defying illusions that would make Chris Angle weak in the knees and super hero action as Mister Miracle battling the forces of Apokolips.

The Mister Miracle movie would be the perfect way to introduction the New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips, especially Darkseid who is rumored to be a major villain in the planned DC movie universe. The back story and character development could be done in the Mister Miracle movie and set up the characters for the other DC universe movies to follow.

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