Still Life by John Morgan Risner
Still Life Cover by J Risner

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Agent Zarah Hitchcock has a love / hate relationship with the creatures of the night . After all she’s part one herself, but that doesn’t stop her from having the best arrest / kill record in the Secret Service’s Special Branch. Asked to over see a stalled FBI investigation of a series of brutal but stylized murders, Zarah is none too happy to be saddled with the assignment. Stepping on FBI agent’s toes never wins anyone any friends and finding that the FBI liaison is one time fling,  Jake Morgan makes a bad situation awkward at best.But on the bright side, hunting a normal run of the mill serial killer [ if there is such a thing] has to be better than battling zombie congressmen or lycanthrope white supremacists or a cabal of master vampires, doesn’t it?

Zarah and Jake soon notice a startling similarity between the murders and the movies of hot new film marker Austin Slade. How is it that Slade’s horror films depict the crime scenes so closely? Is it coincidence or is Slade arrogant enough to show his crimes on film for the world to see? The closer Zarah gets to putting the puzzle pieces together the more she suspect the killer may not be human after all.

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