Movie Review: Bitten

Official Tagline: A lovelorn paramedic rescues a woman left for dead after a deadly assault. When she refuses to go to the hospital, he takes her in, nurses her back to health and soon falls in love with her. Before long the mysterious woman suffers withdrawal symptoms, leaving the paramedic to believe his newfound love is a drug addict. Coming home to find a blood-drained corpse on his floor, he learns she does indeed have an addiction problem but it’s not to drugs…

Written by: Tim McGregor, Tyler Levine
Directed by: Harvey Glazer

Starring: Jason Mewes, Erica Cox, Richard Fitzpatrick

Let’s take a look at “Bitten” a dark comedy that looks at vampirism almost as an addiction and how can true love survive if your hot new girlfriend keeps eating people.

“Bitten” is a love story about paramedic Jack (Jason Mewes) who finds the beautiful Danika lying in a pile of garbage covered in blood. Jack takes Danika (Erica Cox) in and nurses her back to health, but it soon becomes apparent that Danika isn’t hooked on drugs, but on human blood. Jack attempts to be an understanding boyfriend and one look at Erica Cox and you could see a lot of guys putting up with a little vampirism and murder now and then. But Jack has trouble adjusting to waking next to his vampire girlfriend in a pool of blood. The mounting count of the dead bodies of her victims hidden around Jack’s apartment also put a damper on domestic bliss.
Bitten [not to be confused with the SyFy werewolf series of the same name], is a low budget, dark horror, comedy film that is actually kind of good. Jason Mewes [Clerks] does an effective job of portraying lonely, unlucky at love, Jack and is not a bad actor when he tries. I liked him much better here, than in any of his Kevin Smith movies.

erica coxErica Cox is a drop dead beauty and gives an almost sweet, innocent performance as a blood thirsty vampire. Sure there is some over the top scenes, but you kind of expect that from a vampire comedy love story. Even with the budget limitations director Glazer was able to capture a dark, funny and sometime suspenseful story that is entertaining and fun.

Can true love survive? Check out “Bitten” and find out. Not quite as good as “Suck” but still a funny dark comedy.

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