Movie Review: SUCK

Official Tagline: Success eludes members of a struggling rock band, until their bassist (Jessica Paré) goes home with a pale-looking fan and comes back a vampire.

Written by: Rob Stefaniuk
Directed by: Rob Stefaniuk

Starring: Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Paré, Paul Anthony

Another vampire film that has suck in the title is called “SUCK” and is a much, much better movie than our previous example Vampires Suck. “Suck” is about a not so great rock band called the Winners, who are barely surviving on the road. It isn’t that the band is bad but it just hasn’t got that something special and lead singer JOEY (writer, director and star ROB STEFANIUK) thinks that the band should continue playing his music and that they just need a lucky break. Faced with total failure the band is at a crossroads of giving up on the rock and roll dream or trying something new.

The fortunes of the band turn for the better when bass player JENNIFER ( stand out, JESSICA PARÉ) goes to an after party with a very creepy looking guy called QUEENY (DIMITRI COATS, lead singer of Burning Brides)who looks like a vampire because he is one. In a creepy, music fueled scene, Jennifer is turned into a vampire and the story kicks into high gear. Jennifer’s guitar playing becomes something other worldly and magical and the fans can’t get enough of it and Joey become a little jealous. Jennifer struggles not to eat her band mates, but soon turns most of the band except for lead singer Joey who wants the band to be famous because of his music and not vampire magic.

Suck movie image
Suck movie image

So the band becomes famous thanks to vampire powers but still must deal with the draw backs of fame and fortune. They must decide if selling out and losing friends is worth the price of fame. There are some very funny scenes and the rock start cameos are fun. Rob Stefaniuk does a good job juggling the writing, directing and lead actor duties and delivers an above average dark comedy.

This is a good little movie, that has a bunch of rock star cameos (Moby, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper to name a few) a rocking score, good performances and a nice, funny story.

This is worth a look and will pleasantly surprise you.

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