The Craft of Writing : Writing Software

Here is a small list of novel writing software programs. I will be posting a screenwriting software list in the near future.
There are two main types:
*Organizational software which puts your story ideas in an outline form.

Scrivener for Mac and Windows – $40.00
[use coupon code : WORDSWITHJAM you will get $8.00 off.]
Free 30 day trial of the full version.
My Writing Spot – Free Online
PageFour – $39.00 Free 45 Day Free Trail
PageFour is a tabbed word processor, outliner, and organizer for writers
Writer’s Blocks $149.00 Free 14 Day Trail
“Writer’s Blocks for Windows is a unique writing tool that will help you organize ideas and information so that you can write any type of complex written material easier and faster.”
yWriter – Free to download and use
“yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. yWriter was designed by an author.”
StoryBook – Free
“Storybook enables you to organize all the elements regarding your book, namely characters, locations and different plots, including main story and secondary threads.”

*Story generating software which takes inputted information about plot, characters and so on and generates a plot outline. Most of these have a learning curve.
The Marshall Plan – $149.00
Power Structure $99.99
“Power Structure is story development and outlining software for Mac or Windows that turns all your random thoughts, ideas, and notes into a carefully structured story or script.”
Free Demo
StoryWeaver – $29.95
“StoryWeaver is built around more than 200 Story Cards – each an interactive screen designed to help you develop a single dramatic element of your story.”Free Demo
Dramatica – $99.95 or $119.95
“Dramatica software is its patented story engine that keeps track of every choice you make for your story, cross references their collective dramatic impact and alerts you to any holes or inconsistencies in your structure.”
Free Demo
NewNovelist [Version 3] – $29.99 [regularly $47.99]
“Newnovelist is a Windows program that helps people who want to write a novel… complete their novel.”

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