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Welcome to The Out Of frame Anthologies. Prepare to enter the dark side of the creative arts. The stories presented in this collection explore the twilight between the light and darkness, the fine line between love and hate, and where beauty ends and horror begins.

When we view a painting we see the vibrant colors and masterful brush strokes. A marble sculpture is admired for the likeness of the subject and the sense of life coaxed from the cold stone. When we watch a movie, we are captured by the actors, the dialogue, and the scenery. In these moments we appreciate the beauty, the uplifting qualities of the work of art without thinking of what efforts, what costs, what sacrifices were made to create these works of art.

The motion picture Out Of Frame explored death as an art form as seen through the eyes of a photographer, Damien Drake and his mentor in murder John Godwin. The team that brought Out Of Frame to the silver screen now embarks on a new exciting journey to explore the darker side of creativity.

As part of the journey, the anthologies were opened up to authors from around the world, allowing them to submit stories of creativity that the spiral out of control into the realms of murder, horror and the macabre. The stories presented in this volume will delve into the dark realms of creativity. Three of the top entries are presented here for the first time.

Where do we draw the line between creative genius and psychotic madness? Success? Fame? Infamy? What would you be willing to pay or risk or sacrifice for artistic achievement? Would an artist risk his sanity to create the perfect painting? What would a writer do to overcome writer’s block? What would a young sculptor sacrifice for her dream of artistic freedom? When do we know what is reality and what is a creation of our mind? Would an actor commit murder for the perfect movie part? Who invited death to the weekly writer’s group?

So come along and turned the page if you dare. These chilling tales will shock, thrill and delight, but you must take the first step along the darkening path. Your journey awaits.

John Morgan Risner
Founder of Screen Writer Ink