Screen Writer Ink Goes to the Movies!

At Screen Writer Ink, we really love movies and our reviews are a little different from other reviews you might find because we try to find some good in all movies. We do not have an agenda going in to trash a movie or to jump on the bandwagon to love or hate certain actor’s films.

At Screen Writer Ink we have a background in creating movies, novels, comics and more .We have a firm foundation in film history. Classic films to many reviewers seems to only go back to the 1980s. We know what goes into making good stories and good movies, so our reviews may give suggestions on what might have made a film better without trashing the entire production.

Our reviews before a film opens are short and to the point: will you enjoy the movie or not and some reasons why. Later come back and read in-depth follow ups of the films, with breakdowns of the movie’s plot and gain some insights into the film making craft.

So sit back, pass the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Screen Writer Ink
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